Based on our extensive research and unique combination of variants, every drop of gel is carefully synthesized in our laboratory.

Bringing you the best professional results to your home.


Why Haring B?

Teeth Whitening gels are going to be in your mouth. Who else is there to trust except your dentist?

What is Guarantee Program?

Haring B guarantees results within 3-weeks. If you are dissatisfied with your results, then just ask us for a refund.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Think of it as a white laundry. We can make them white. Keeping them white is up to you.

For best results, you will have about 1 milliliter left in each syringe after reaching your desired shade. Keep them refrigerated and use only once a week for 5 minutes to maintain your shade. This will keep your smile bright for 6 months to a year.
If anyone asks why you keep syringes in your fridge, just shrug your shoulders for respect.

I think I ruined my thermoforming mouth trays. What do I do?

You can try again by dipping them in warm water (180 degrees F). If the trays are beyond repair, simply contact us below and we will replace them for you.

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