How Haring B works

Haring B aims to bring professional teeth whitening results to your home and eliminate extrinsic and intrinsic teeth stains all together. Good dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth regularly helps against cavities and other dental problems. Unfortunately, it has very little effects on intrinsic stains that are deeply rooted inside your enamel structure. These stains are tightly bonded with your teeth at molecular level and can only be removed by whitening agents. 

The possible causes of teeth discoloration are as follows:

Red Wine
Tobacco of any form
Curry and other colorful food
Dark soft drinks
Dark vegetables
Candies with food dye

Because avoiding all of the causes is virtually impossible in modern life style, all of us are prone to teeth discoloration. In the past, celebrities sought for professional care to keep their teeth pearly white. Modern technology now allows us to get the results from home-whitening products.

Haring B introduces its proprietary home-safe formula that simply works.

Haring B Teeth Whitening offers

- Proprietary formula that safely offers the same results with significantly lower concentrations from office whitening agents.

- Portable LED Light to speed up the whitening process.

- Custom fitted mouth trays to further protect your gums and mouth.

- Maintenance products to keep your teeth white year-round.